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Watch our video and read our explanation to discover how Bing can provide more conversions with less cost.

Build Your Brand With Bing

Bing has just entered into its 10th year of operation. Bing ended 2018 with a 33.8% market share in the US desktop market search. And with predictions only set to grow, Bing is an essential part of the online auction for any business.

What we can help you achieve

With our experience in the Bing Ads auction, we can deliver a search campaigns to compliment your Google strategy and make sure you can be found, and chosen, on a huge range of devices and search platforms.

Target Audience
  • Connect with potential customers by targeting the relevant searches, websites or people who have previously visited your website.
Stand Out From The Crowd
  • Use Bing Ads to extend your reach into another market outside of Google that is well known for giving you a good bang for your buck!
Daily Budget
  • Set a daily budget to suit how much work you can handle. Quiet? You can add more budget to get more enquires. 
Choose the work you want
  • Reach users as they’re actively searching the internet for products and services that you offer.
Search Support Recommends Bing Ads for All Businesses

The Bing User Base Is Growing Year On Year And Represents A Huge Opportunity For Online Advertisers – Especially With Limited Budgets

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Be Found Be Chosen have been outstanding. They've increased our ROAS from 1:3 to 1:7 in the first 3 months alone. Great work guys.

James HobsonMarketing Manager

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